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Fami­ly and per­so­nal law

In civil law many life are­as are cove­r­ed. Among other things the rela­ti­ons­hip, the child rela­ti­ons­hip, the con­cu­bi­na­te or the mar­ria­ge are cove­r­ed. But also death and heirs are regu­la­ted in civil law. We offer you sup­port in the­se are­as, e.g. in drawing up a coha­bi­t­ing con­tract, reviewing a mar­ria­ge or inheri­tance con­tract, drawing up or che­cking a will, nego­tia­ting and drawing up a sepa­ra­ti­on or divor­ce agree­ment . The issu­es at issue here are often cus­to­dy and cus­to­dy of the child­ren, ali­mo­ny, the com­mon house or apart­ment and the ques­ti­on of who moves out.

You can alrea­dy see from this small list that the law to a lar­ge extent con­tains rules on how to deci­de in the event of a dis­pu­te. The rea­son is obvious: as long as ever­ything goes well, the­re is no need for laws or writ­ten con­tracts. In the event of a dis­pu­te, the situa­ti­on loo­ks exact­ly the other way round. If an ami­ca­ble sett­le­ment is not pos­si­ble, we will also repre­sent you in court in divor­ce suits or mar­ria­ge pro­tec­tion mea­su­res (ali­mo­ny, etc.).

Obli­ga­ti­on or con­tract law

Ano­t­her lar­ge part of civil law covers all types of con­tracts. On the one hand, the­re are labour con­tracts bet­ween employees and employ­ers, whe­re in par­ti­cu­lar the work acti­vi­ty, the sala­ry, the secrecy obli­ga­ti­ons and com­pe­ti­ti­on pro­hi­bi­ti­ons are regu­la­ted. In this area, the obli­ga­ti­on to con­ti­nue to pay wages, dis­mis­sal, over­ti­me, ill­ness and also the employer's refe­rence are fre­quent points of con­ten­ti­on. In the case of work con­tracts bet­ween buy­ers and con­trac­tors, it is regu­la­ted what the contractor/architect has to deli­ver as a work, what pri­ce app­lies and what hap­pens if someo­ne does not ful­fil his obli­ga­ti­ons or if cos­ts are excee­ded or defects occur. In addi­ti­on to the regu­la­ti­ons in the OR and in the con­tracts, SIA stan­dards such as SIA-118 are often to be obser­ved. If the cus­to­mer does not pay the pri­ce, a buil­ding tradesman's lien can be regis­tered wit­hin strict­ly mana­ged short peri­ods. In ten­an­cy law ever­ything revol­ves around the ten­an­cy agree­ment bet­ween ten­ant and landlord. Here, too, noti­ce peri­ods, rent or depo­sit depo­sits, rent incre­a­ses, reno­va­tions, expul­si­ons of ten­ants, etc. play an important role. We repre­sent you befo­re the courts as well as befo­re the arbi­tra­ti­on board for rent and lease.

For all con­tracts it is important that they are for­mu­la­ted cor­rect­ly and com­pre­hen­si­b­ly. Many tri­als have their ori­gins in mis­lea­ding wor­d­ing. We also offer you pro­fes­sio­nal sup­port in this area.