Land Transactions

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Search ser­vices from one source?
When sel­ling a house or buy­ing one's own apart­ment, various ques­ti­ons ari­se from a wide varie­ty of legal fields. We are at your side with legal infor­ma­ti­on in this situa­ti­on. In coope­ra­ti­on with local nota­ries, you will also recei­ve all the necessa­ry ser­vices and assi­s­tan­ce from us from a sin­gle source.

Be it con­trac­ts for trans­fer of land (purcha­se of apart­ments, purcha­se of houses, purcha­se of land), adjust­ments of mortga­ges (increa­ses, reduc­tions or mer­gers of mortga­ges), con­ver­si­ons of mortga­ges (regis­te­red debt, paper debt in the form of bea­rer debt or regis­te­red debt) or adjust­ments of ease­ment con­trac­ts, etc.

Law on pro­per­ty (mova­bles, land, ease­ments, liens)
In pro­per­ty law, the right to things is regu­la­ted. Mova­ble pro­per­ty (fur­ni­tu­re) and immova­ble pro­per­ty (real esta­te, land, free­hold flats) can, for examp­le, be given as grounds for pos­ses­si­on and ownership. The ownership in turn can be desi­gned as sole ownership, co-ownership or joint ownership. In addi­ti­on, the­re are (limi­ted) rights in rem to things such as various ease­ments (buil­ding rights, sewing rights, etc.) as well as pre-emp­ti­on rights or purcha­se rights, to name but a few. In many cases, they are only crea­ted through ent­ry in the land regis­ter on the basis of a public deed issued by a nota­ry. In the land regis­ter you will also find remarks, preli­mi­na­ries, col­la­te­ral liens and, if app­li­ca­ble, remarks on them as well as ser­vices. Ease­ments ent­it­le one per­son, ease­ments on the other hand ano­t­her pro­per­ty, wher­e­by the owner can be iden­ti­cal. Also owner liens, owner buil­ding rights or owner ease­ments in gene­ral are pos­si­ble.

Pro­per­ties also inclu­de floors. If real esta­te is tra­ded – the ownership chan­ges from the sel­ler to the buy­er – it is essen­ti­al to con­trol the sales con­trac­ts. The secu­ring of the purcha­se pri­ce and the war­ran­ty rights play an important role here. In addi­ti­on, the sale of real esta­te to for­eig­ners is limi­ted (Lex Kol­ler). In con­nec­tion with floors, ques­ti­ons fre­quent­ly ari­se about floor owner mee­tings, in par­ti­cu­lar regar­ding mee­ting reso­lu­ti­ons, their chal­len­ge and vali­di­ty, the manage­ment con­tract, struc­tu­ral chan­ges (ordi­na­ry, necessa­ry and urgent, use­ful or luxu­rious), reno­va­ti­on, drawing up and amen­ding a floor owner regu­la­ti­on.

We advi­se you in all are­as of pro­per­ty law and offer you a direct inter­face to local nota­ries.